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Frequently asked Questions

These are some of the more common Questions we are asked regarding our Solar Exclusion Kits, for any other question either call the office on: 0161 8121 1851 or Email:


How Long is the Guarantee?

Our solar panel Exclusion Kits come with a Five year Guarantee. This guarantee does not cover any situation where our work has been disturbed by other contracters


Are there other methods?

There are other options but we trust our methods & materials, so generally only use the Black Galv mesh and clip method. You can speak to us about other options by calling : 0161 821 1851


Can you get rid of Pigeons?

C2C are members of the NPTA the professional body for Pest Controllers. All wild bird species, their eggs, and nests are protected by law, other than under certain  General Licenses which allow us to remove the Birds Lawfully.


How much does it cost, and how can I pay?

We can take Credit/Debit card payments on the day (these carry a fee of 2.75%) or accept BACs payments and invoice on completion of the works.

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Will you clean the Gutters & Solar Panels?

We will remove as much nesting material as possible under the panels (but we find that they are generally wrapped around wiring) so will mitigate any secondary infestation by spraying with a biocide, gutters Panels can be cleaned at an additional cost.


Which Areas do you cover?

C2C will cover the North West of England for Solar Panel Proofing including: Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Stoke & Sheffield but do have the ability to cover further on request.

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